For the weight reduction of the BMW Z4 M E86 chassis we designed different light-weight components for the inside as well as the outside of the vehicle. Lightweight components for the car body will be produced optionally by using GFK or CFK (carbon).

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Z4 M E86 Chassis Parts Worldwide Shipping

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GTR Wide Body KitCFK14e860037900 €
GTR Wide Body KitGFK14e860046900 €
BonnetCFK14e860091490 €
BonnetGFK14e860101250 €
Doors, 2 piecesCFK14e860142290 €
Doors, 2 piecesGFK14e860151790 €
M3 GTR MirrorsCFK14e86011690 €
Trunk LidCFK14e860061370 €
Trunk LidGFK14e860071130 €
Race Rear Wing, 1 ProfileCFK14e860121650 €
Lexan Windows5x14e86008850 €
Sliding Window for Lexan14e86017225 €
Universal DashboardCFK14e860051090 €
Universal Driver´s Floor BoardCFK14e86001490 €
Universal Co-driver Floor BoardCFK14e86002390 €
Fuel Cell with 100-120l CapacityCFK14e860131150 €
Tank CoverCFK14e860161490 €