The S54 engine of the BMW Z4 M E86 offers a solid basis for an improved performance with its standard of 343 HP. For the S54 engine we traditionally rely on the well established aspirated engine-tuning. Therefore we offer different carbon airbox solutions (for standard air intake and for intake from the kidneys) aside from different optimization components like optimized headers, camshafts, coolers etc.

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Z4 M E86 S54 Engine Parts Worldwide Shipping

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Race Airbox CFK14e460542750 €
Air Intake for Race Airbox CFK14e46092870 €
Clubsport AirboxCFK14e460941890 €
Air Intake for Clubsport Airbox CFK14e46097650 €
M3 CSL Airbox ReplicaCFK14e461362150 €
Race Air Intake for M3 CSL AirboxCFK14e46096870 €
Stroker Kit S54 3,0l 3,5l 3,7l14e4608312900 €
Cylinder Head Kit14e460849900 €
Race Radiator14e460771630 €
Race Oil Cooler 14e460671080 €
Race Headers14e461371750 €
Piston14e46093470 €
H-Profile Connecting Rod14e46058470 €
Camshaft Kit: 288° I / 280° E14e460612200 €
Camshaft Kit: 296° I / 288° E14e460622200 €
Camshaft Kit: 316° I / 308° E14e460632200 €
35mm Intake Valve 14e4607193 €
35mm Exhaust Valve 14e46072104 €
Race Rocker Arm14e4608055 €
Dry Sump Kit14e460739690 €
Dry Sump Tank14e46091870 €
Flywheel with Clutch14e460702150 €
Flywheel14e46095750 €
Vanos Replacement Kit14e46082790 €
Fuel Injector14e46056185 €
Single Ignition Coil14e4605798 €
Engine Mounts14e46059399 €
Fuel Pressure Regulator14e46060329 €
Race Oil Filter Housing 14e46064649 €
Race Oil Filter Housing D1014e46065749 €
Water Pump Crank Pulley14e46139290 €
Water Pump Race Crank Pulley14e46068340 €
Race Heat Exchanger14e460741190 €
Race Coolant Expansion Reservoir 14e46075430 €
55° Water Thermostat 14e46078290 €
NGK Spark Plug14e4607975 €
Single-tube Vibration Damper S54 3,2l14e460811080 €
Single-tube Vibration Damper S54 3,5l 3,7l14e460821490 €
Pressure Sensor14e46086279 €
Bosch Fuel Pump14e46055359 €