The S65 engine of the M3 E92 offers a solid basis for an improved performance with its standard of 420 HP. For the M3 V8 engine we traditionally rely on the well established aspirated engine – tuning. Therefore we offer carbon airbox solutions aside from different optimization components. We have also developed various components in the past years to minimize the problems of the BMW M3 E92 under high thermal load. For this our oil and water cooler, our manifold as well as our upcoming software optimization are excellently suited. We will be happy to advise you.

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M3 E92 S65 Engine Parts Worldwide Shipping

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Race AirboxCFK14e920544450 €
Race Airbox (S65 in standard position)CFK14e920824450 €
Clubsport AirboxCFK14e920764750 €
OEM Airbox with Optimized Air Intake14e920833150 €
4,8l Stroker Kit14e9207916990 €
4,4l S65 / P65 Stroker Kit Z4 GT314e9208018500 €
Crankshaft 4,0l S65 P65 9.000 rpm14e9214810150 €
Race Radiator, plug & play14e920571750 €
Race Radiator14e920581550 €
Stage 2 Race Radiator, plug & play14e920593250 €
Stage 3 Full Race Radiator14e921342550 €
Extended S65 Engine Cooling for Race Engines14e921353950 €
Race Heat Exchanger14e920611590 €
Oil Filter Housing (OEM) Adaptor D10Dash 1014e92142280 €
Water Thermostat Kit14e92055390 €
Race Oil Cooler, plug & play14e92060990 €
Intercooler for Supercharger14e920772850 €
Race Exhaust Manifold14e920713150 €
Ceramic Coated Race Exhaust Manifolds14e920723950 €
Clubsport Exhaust Manifolds 14e920692590 €
Clubsport Ceramic Coated Exhaust Maniflods 14e920703390 €
Camshaft Kit with Vanos14e920462750 €
Camshaft Kit without Vanos (hydro)14e920473450 €
Camshaft Kit without Vanos (mechanical)14e920484250 €
Cylinder Head Gaskets14e920511050 €
Crank Shaft Pulley14e92126290 €
Water Pump Crank Pulley14e92125290 €
Water Pump Race Crank Pulley14e92075340 €
Dry Sump Kit14e920508950 €
Vanos Replacement Kit14e920561950 €
Race Water Expansion Reservoir 14e92062430 €
Fuel Injector up to 500 hp14e92063185 €
Piston14e92049470 €
Piston for Supercharger4,0l / 4,4l14e92074470 €
H-Profile Connecting Rod14e92045470 €
Fuel Pressure Regulator14e92066329 €
Bosch Fuel Pump14e92064359 €
Oil Filter Housing14e92065750 €
Mechanic Oil Measurement Unit14e92143510 €
Pressure Sensor14e92067279 €
NGK Spark Plug (supercharger)14e92068199 €
Mechanical Accelerator Cable14e920731150 €
Fuel injector rail with D6 connectorAluminium14e92078385 €