For trackday cars as well as for real race cars the modification of the rear axle drive is indispensible. Accordingly we offer appropriate possibilities to optimize the M3 E92 differential ratio like 3,91:1, 4,10:1 und 4,44:1, differential lock 75%, a ready-for-assembly differential for M3 E92 with a DTC transmission with short ratio (no error message) and our reliable differential-oil-cooler kit.

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M3 E92 Differential Worldwide Shipping

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Differential Final Drive 5,44 | 5,28 | 4,7514e921381750 €
Differential Final Drive 4,4414e920921450 €
Differential Final Drive 4,10 | 3,8514e920911350 €
Short Gearing Differential for M3 E92 with DCT14e920933890 €
75% Differential Lock14e920902150 €
Differential Oil Cooler Kit14e920891190 €