High Quality Race Parts for BMW M3 E46, M3 CSL and E46 Sedan

M3 E46 / E46 Chassis / Lightweight S54 Engine M3 E46 Transmission
M3 E46 Differential M3 E46 Suspension M3 E46 Brake
M3 E46 Rims M3 E46 Race Parts

The BMW M3 E46 and the E46 sedan are still highly demanded vehicles in competitions. We offer a comprehensive, advanced and perfected assortment of high-quality motor racing components for the BMW M3 E46 and E46 sedan. Aside from GTR / WTC body kits you will find further light-weight components such as doors, bonnets, trunk lids, spoilers and a variety of other exterior and interior parts made of CFK. MOTORSPORT24 also offers a wide range of supplies for differentials like different ratios or a 75% differential lock, race suspension by INTRAX Racing, GTR axles, sequential gears, brakes and rims. In our race workshop we will build your race car to your requirements.