As well known, the chassis decides about valuable seconds. On the subject of the M3 E36 chassis we accordingly place uncompromising emphasis on the best quality by INTRAX Racing Suspension. While the 1K2 suspension is perfect for the Trackday vehicle, we have achieved excellent results with the INTRAX 4-Way for competitions over the years.

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M3 E36 Suspension Worldwide Shipping

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Center lock complete kit14e360813500 €
INTRAX 1K214e360383330 €
INTRAX 4-Way14e360395890 €
GT DTM Front Axle 14e360415290 €
Thrust Rod14e36042429 €
Wheel Carrier14e360432190 €
GT Thrust Rod Mount for Chassis14e36044429 €
GT Wheel Carrier 14e36042275 €
Tie Rod Mount for GT Steering14e36045230 €
Stabilizer Support Bracket for Uniball14e3604685 €
Front Uniball Camber Plates14e36047590 €
Rear Uniball Camber Plates14e36048370 €
Uniball GT Tie Rod 14e36049230 €
GT Front Axle Carrier14e36050760 €
Suspension Arm Mount14e36051249 €
Rear Suspension Arm Bar 14e36052429 €
Gruppe A Uniball Tie Rod 14e36053230 €
GT Rear Axle Carrier 14e36054825 €
Uniball Suspension Arm Bearing14e36055195 €
GT Suspension Arm 14e36056770 €
GT / DTM Rear Axle 14e360574190 €
Front Uniball Stabilizer Support 14e36058120 €
Rear Uniball Stabilizer Support14e3605999 €