For the weight reduction of the BMW M3 E36 chassis we designed different light-weight components for the inside as well as the outside. The shapes for the M3 E36 were perfected over time. Lightweight components for the chassis will be produced optionally by using GFK or CFK (carbon).

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DTM Body Kit 8 pieces 1993CFK14e360794950 €
Bonnet with inner frameCFK14e360091590 €
1997 STW Front Bumper Skin CFK14e360171550 €
1994 STW Front Bumper Skin CFK14e360821550 €
Doors, 2 piecesCFK14e360202490 €
Doors, 2 piecesGFK14e360211990 €
Doors Sedan 4 piecesCFK14e360744400 €
Doors Sedan 4 piecesGFK14e360753250 €
Universal Door Panels, 2 piecesCFK14e36019850 €
Trunk Lid with inner frameCFK14e360051290 €
GT Rear WingCFK14e360131190 €
Adjustable DTM Rear Wing, adjustable 3-profilesCFK14e360031590 €
1997 STW Rear WingCFK14e360141390 €
Race Rear Wing, 1 profileCFK14e360121690 €
Lexan Windows5x14e36008950 €
Sliding Window for Lexan14e36018250 €
Universal DashboardCFK14e360011190 €
Dash Board Inlet STWCFK14e36083490 €
Rear Parcel ShelfCFK14e36002490 €
Universal Driver's Floor BoardCFK14e36015590 €
Universal Co-driver Floor BoardCFK14e36016490 €