For the weight reduction of the BMW M3 E30 chassis we designed different light-weight components for the inside as well as the outside of the vehicle. Lightweight components for the car body will be produced optionally by using GFK or CFK (carbon).

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M3 E30 Chassis Parts Worldwide Shipping

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Chassis Copy similar to DTM 199214e3015839000 €
Body Kit Race like DTM 1992CFK14e3017515750 €
Body Kit Race like Sport EvoCFK14e3017415500 €
Body Kit light like Sport EvoCFK14e3017310350 €
Front BumperCFK14e300141590 €
Front Lip (like Sport Evo)CFK14e30150299 €
Front Lip (like DTM 1992)CFK14e30151399 €
Air Ducts Brake CoolingCFK14e30020145 €
Adaptor Air DuctsCFK14e3015299 €
Air Shroud (like Sport Evo)CFK14e30156390 €
Front Spoiler (like Evolution / Cecotto)CFK14e30157450 €
BonnetCFK14e300061190 €
BonnetCFK14e300071090 €
Belt Assembly Point Gruppe A14e30121275 €
Shifter Reinforcement14e30122225 €
Fender, similar to 1992 DTM 18CFK14e30016650 €
Fender like Sport EvoCFK14e30017595 €
Doors, 2 piecesCFK14e300182190 €
Doors, 2 piecesGFK14e300191530 €
Door Panels for M3 E30CFK14e300131490 €
Universal Door Panels, 2 piecesCFK14e30022750 €
1992 DTM Mirrors like SchnitzerCFK14e30010590 €
1991 DTM Mirrors (with air vent)CFK14e30009450 €
Gruppe A Mirrors (without vent)CFK14e30008450 €
Side SkirtCFK14e30015715 €
Left Rear Side PanelCFK14e301151090 €
Inner Wheelhouse leftKevlar14e30153350 €
Right Rear Side PanelCFK14e301161090 €
Inner Wheelhouse rightKevlar14e30154350 €
Trunk LidCFK14e300031250 €
Rear Wing with DTM Flap CFK14e300121040 €
Rear Wing with FlapCFK14e30011940 €
Flap (like DTM 1992)CFK14e30110395 €
Flap (similar to Sport Evo)CFK14e30109295 €
Rear Window FrameCFK14e301131690 €
Rear BumperCFK14e301141590 €
Tank TubCFK14e30004690 €
Tank Cover SumpKevlar14e30155200 €
Lexan Windows5x14e30005850 €
Sliding Window for Lexan14e30021225 €
DashboardCFK14e300011590 €
Rear Parcel ShelfCFK14e30002430 €