For the BMW M2 F87 and M235i F22 we offer different high quality light weight parts such as GT and GT4 lip, GTR bonnet, carbon roof, DTM style trunk lid, rear diffusor and much more.

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M235i F22 Chassis Parts Worldwide Shipping

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Bodykit GTRCFK14f870486950 €
GTR Grid14f87093550 €
GTR Underfloor Front Splitter (M2)CFK14f870521990 €
DashboardCFK14f870961390 €
Rear Parcel ShelfCFK14f87096590 €
M2 GTR Rear DiffusorCFK14f870502990 €
Brake Ducts for GTR HeckdiffusorCFK14f87094360 €
Front bumper GT (like M2 Competition / CS)CFK14f870651650 €
Canard WingsCFK14f87092290 €
M2 CS Style LufteinlässeCFK14f87091238 €
Fender GT (fits to Front Bumper GT)CFK14f87066650 €
Body Kit Light M2 Competition / CS StyleCFK14f870682950 €
Bodykit LightCFK14f870541950 €
GTR BonnetCFK14f870011890 €
GT Lip (M2)CFK14f870021650 €
GT4 Lip (M2)CFK14f870031850 €
Doors 2 PiecesCFK14f870122890 €
GT2 MirrorsCFK14f870411190 €
M3 GTR MirrorsGFK14f87014690 €
M4 Style Mirror CapsCFK14f87040269 €
M4 Style Mirror CapsPlastic14f87039179 €
BMW M2 F87 Rear Quarter PanelsCFK14f87059890 €
RoofCFK14f870041990 €
DTM Style Trunk LidCFK14f870051590 €
GTR wing for mounting in the side part14f870611690 €
Alu wing brackets 10mm laser-cutPaar14f87062780 €
Race Rear WingCFK14f870491690 €
Rear Wing like M4 GT4CFK14f870702390 €
Rear Wing like M4 GTS with high bracketsCFK14f870671790 €
Rear wing like M4 GTSCFK14f870632090 €
Rear wing like M240i CupCFK14f870641900 €
Clubsport Rear WingCFK14f870131790 €
DTM DiffusorCFK14f870061950 €
Lexan Windows5x14f87015850 €
Sliding Window for Lexan14f87016225 €