Our BMW M4 GT4 is for sale in very good technical and optical condition with no maintenance backlog with a total mileage of only approx. 8,900 km. The vehicle is immediately ready for use. Optionally, additional accessories can be purchased for our vehicle.

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  • Two owners
  • Built 2018
  • Mileage approx. 8.900 km (we have purchased the car at approx. 3.500 km)
  • All oils new
  • Engine oil has been changed every 1.000 km
  • Service has been done after every race

Installed Parts from own Production

  • Bonnet CFK
  • Doors CFK
  • GTR mirrors CFK

The car will be sold with the following parts

  • 8 additional rims
  • All BOP sticks, data cable ECU, data cable AIM
  • Original doors, mirrors and door cards, original M4 GT4 bonnet and original M4 GT4 front bumper including canard wings and splitter


Our BMW M4 GT4 is in very good technical and optical condition. After a slight contact at the front left, the corresponding parts were replaced. The damaged fender and front bumper can be inspected with us if required.

Purchase Price BMW M4 GT4

114.900 EUR excl. VAT / 136.791 EUR incl. 19% German VAT

Net-purchase possible for EU-companies (B2B) or private individuals / companies outside the EU. We are happy to assist you with the transport.

Parts Package

  • Complete front package with coolers used
  • 24h light package new
  • Fuel unit
  • Damper sensor kit new
  • Brake discs 2x front / Brake discs 2x rear
  • Co-drivers package (seat, seat console, foot rest – all new)
  • Weight box BOP
  • 1x front damper
  • Wheel carrier
  • Exhaust system silent
  • Many small parts

Purchase Price Spaceparts Package
(Price only in combination with the purchase of the car. We don’t sell single parts)

15.000 EUR excl. VAT / 17.850 EUR incl. 19% German VAT

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