We offer a beautiful built BMW M3 E92 GTR with a lot of high end race extras:

  • BMW M3 E92
  • Bj. 2008
  • S65 4,0l with airbox race, ca. 345,68 KW (ca. 470 hp)
  • big cooler package (water, oil, transmission, differential)
  • MBE control
  • AIM
  • Tractive sequential transmission
  • Light weight body kit, bonnet, doors, mirrors, Lexan, trunk lid, rear wing
  • GTR axles
  • AP Racing Pro 5000 front and rear
  • M3 GT4 ABS
  • INTRAX 4-Way Black Titanium ARC XXL
  • NTM Racing rims 18″

We offer the BMW M3 E92 GTR in the clients order who is a private seller. The asking price is 97.500 EUR.

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