BMW M4 / M3 – Durable Performance for the Racetrack

Drivers of the BMW M4 / BMW M3 know the problem: the temperature of the S55 engine rises rapidly to the limit area during increased stress. This is of course more than a hindrance when pursuing faster lap times. The „emergency program“ can even turn the motor off to avoid damage from overheating. We have developed a sophisticated and highly effective cooling system for the engine and transmission of the BMW M4 / M3.

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Six powerful coolers ensure low temperatures even under extreme and continuous stress. The racing coolers are equipped with special racing radiator nets and their dimensions were enlarged to the max. Accordingly, modifications to the cooling section are required during installation.

To support the cooling capacity, we have made use of the Venturi effect. Our BMW M4 GTR hood, with its three perfectly positioned vents, ventilates the engine compartment. This effect is even stronger with increasing headwind – the hot air is literally pulled out of the engine compartment. There is a 5kg weight advantage of our carbon GTR hood compared to the OEM part.

Due to the enormous space required for the cooler in the BMW M4 / BMW M3, the oil cooler was in a „lying“ position – it is therefore not directly in line with the cooling headwind. Our BMW M4 GTS carbon lip is designed so that it „pulls out“ the hot air from under the radiator. Likewise, our lip has two ventilation ducts which supplies the brakes with fresh air.

S55 Coolers
• Radiator, Art.-No.: 14f82003
• Auxiliary Radiator left, Art.-No.: 14f82004
• Auxiliary Radiator right, Art.-No.: 14f82006
• Radiator, Art.-No.: 14f82007
• Engine Oil Cooler, Art.-Nr.: 14f82008
• Transmission Oil Cooler, Art.-Nr.: 14f82009

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BMW M4 Tuning – 433.94 KW (590 hp) is possible

We have a lot on offer when it comes to improving performance. Just by optimising the software in the vehicle control unit, we achieve a power increase of 80.9 kW (110 hp) / 100 Nm.

BMW M4 Leistungssteigerung

We can also install downpipes, exhaust systems, modified turbochargers and of course our cooler package. Along with the increase in performance we achieve a more durable performance of 433.94 KW (590 hp). In trial runs on our dynamometer, the motor way and on the racetrack, all temperatures remained stable.

Improved Aerodynamics and Traction

Alongside the aforementioned GTS carbon lip and the GTR hood, we have developed more aerodynamic lightweight components for the BMW M4. The down force on the front axle can be refined by our carbon Canard Wings.

Our light and perfectly shaped BMW M4 rear wing allows for more down force on the rear axle. The lightweight carbon part leaves the silhouette behind and is adapted in the shape of the rear spoiler. Our rear spoiler allows optimum traction for every use.

Lightweight Parts
• GTR Bonnet CFK: 14f82010
• GTR Bonnet GFK: 14f82011
• GTS Lip CFK: 14f82005
• Canard Wings CFK: 14f82029
• Clubsport Rear Wing CFK: 14f82002

For over 10 years, when it comes to suspension issues there has been only one choice for the best lap times: INTRAX Racing. Since the M3 E46, we have been developing suspensions for perfect traction on the racetrack. Also for the BMW M4, we offer the full range of products – from the simple INTRAX 1K2 to a fully equipped racing version INTRAX 4-Way Black Titanium with ARC (Anti-Roll Control).

For the BMW M4 / BMW M3, our new super lightweight three-piece NTM CS rims can be used, which are available in sizes 17″ to 21″.

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