One of our vehicles is for sale: a BMW M4 GTR with many high-quality racing upgrades. The vehicle, which was completely built on a new racing body in 2018, has a total mileage of approx. 9,000 km at the end of 2022. The 3.5l S54 racing engine is solid and proven. With its 323.619 kW (440 hp) it allows the BMW M4 F82 racing car, which weighs just 1,280 kg, to ride at the front.

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  • Built in 2018 on a factory-new racing body with new parts
  • Weight: 1,280km
  • Total mileage: approx. 9,000 km
  • Engine: S54B35 323.619 kW (440 hp) 20 hours
  • Transmission: Tractive RD906 20 hours
  • Differential: 75% LSD 15 hours
  • Brakes: AP Racing
  • Chassis: Intrax Racing 4-Way Suspension with Anti Roll Control
  • BMW M4 GTR body kit and all other body parts in carbon (all parts from our own production)
  • Wiecher’s cell
  • ECU Motec M130
  • PDM Motec 30
  • Touchpad Motec
  • Dashboard C185 with telemetry and all upgrades
  • traction control
  • Paddle shift
  • Drive-by-Wire
  • Race ABS Teves MK60 II
  • KK GTR axles front and rear
  • NTM racing rims
  • 120l tank
  • All cooler aluminum GTR
  • repaired accident rear left side panel, the vehicle is in the condition as shown


Our BMW M4 GT4 is in good technical and optical condition and is ready for race! The rear left side panel was damaged due to contact on the race track. The repair was done in our workshop.


The price is 122.500 EUR (Export) for EU-B2B (companies) and B2B/B2C outside the EU. Buyers from Germany pay 145.775 EUR incl. 19% VAT.

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BMW M4 GTR Build

In this video you can see how a BMW M4 F82 racing car is built on the body shell in our company.



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