1. I am interested in the: BMW E86 Z4 GTR Karosserie zu verkaufen. What is the history of the chassis has it been in an accident? It looks like an E86. Is it still possible to put back in an S54 in the chassis? The chassis has a cut out for a fuel tank do you know the fuel tank that fits in this chassis. Is the Cadge FIA certified?

    I live in the USA but have been in Germany monthly for Business. I am very interested in building up or purchasing a Z4 E86 with an S54 for use in endurance racing in California.

    Please send a contact phone number so that I may speak to you about this car.


    Dean Mansour
    Cell phone in California German time -9 hours. 4pm Germany is a good time to get in touch with me. +1 510 541-9939


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