The S14 engine of the M3 E30 offers a solid basis for an improved performance. For the S14 engine we traditionally rely on the well established aspirated engine-tuning. Therefore we offer different carbon airbox solutions (for standard and DTM specs engines) aside from different optimization components like optimized headers, camshafts, coolers etc.

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M3 E30 S14 Engine Parts Worldwide Shipping

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Airbox, Version 1CFK14e300581250 €
Airbox, Version 2CFK14e300591485 €
Air Intake for AirboxCFK14e30104475 €
Airbox, Version 3CFK14e300601925 €
Air Intake Siphon for Airbox Version 3CFK14e30119690 €
S14 2,7l Stroker Kit14e3008210850 €
S14 2,9l Stroker kit14e3008710850 €
DTM Radiator14e300801190 €
Gruppe A Radiator14e300791090 €
Race Headers14e300621390 €
Clubsport Headers14e300611390 €
Gruppe A Exhaust System14e301051750 €
Gruppe A Exhaust System, with Cats14e301062290 €
Camshafts14e300661190 €
Piston14e30064470 €
H-Profile Connecting Rod14e30102429 €
DTM Cylinder Head Gasket, Race S14 2,5l14e30072370 €
Gruppe A Cylinder Head Gasket, Race S14 2,3l14e30071330 €
S14 Race Valves, I/E14e300771860 €
S14 Sport Evo Valves, I/E14e300761860 €
1992 DTM S14 Cylinder Head Kit14e300869850 €
M3 E30 2,5l S14 Cylinder Head14e300993890 €
M3 E30 2,5l S14 Crankshaft Kit14e300972730 €
M3 E30 2,5l S14 Engine Block14e300984050 €
M3 E30 2,5l S14 Flywheel14e30108825 €
1992 DTM Flat slide14e300923450 €
Injector14e30062185 €
Race Injector14e30063390 €
Fuel Pressure Regulator14e30065329 €
Camshaft Sensor Kit14e30067275 €
DTM Oil Filter Housing14e30068175 €
DTM Oil Pump14e30069540 €
Race Pulley Kit14e300701190 €
Dry Sump Kit14e300736550 €
Oil Spray Nozzle14e30074385 €
Windage Tray14e30075275 €
DTM Heat Exchanger14e300781350 €
Ignition Coil Pack14e30096320 €
Water Temperature Sensor14e3008187 €
Race Valve Springs14e300831190 €
Race Valve Springs and Retainers14e300841400 €
Lightweight Valve Tappet14e3008598 €
Engine Block Reinforcement14e30088320 €
DTM Oil Pan14e300891750 €
Flywheel with Clutch14e300902090 €
Gruppe A 1991 Cooling Duct14e30093690 €
Crankshaft Sensor Kit14e30094319 €
Pressure Sensor14e30095279 €
Race Water Expansion Reservoir14e30100429 €
Wideband Lambda Sensor14e30101159 €
1992 DTM Engine Mounts14e300971590 €
Race Engine Mounts14e30103940 €
NGK Spark Plug14e3009882 €